Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Benefits of Past Life Regression

The solutions,benefits & Symptoms for Past life Regression therapy:
Stress Management
Individual Personality Development
Stress Management Specialist
Professional  Enhancement
Human Resource Productivity Consultant
Life Coach
Life Regression
Regression Therapist
Past Life Regression Therapist
Analyst & Therapist -Fear /Phobias/Failures
Anxiety Therapist
Personality Analyst
Leadership Development Consultant
Stage Fear Therapy

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Whats is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression access our past memories ,which is stored in our mind , and to appropriately resolve traumatic or unresolved agony,imperfection,doubts,fears or any such impression which is dense and makes us fell uncomfortable.
Most of the problems of current life  are sum total of our past impressions carried forward in to the present.
Aspects like feeling of unknown fear,phobias,personality disorders,character flaws,psychology.

Human mindset, mind, mental processes, thought processes, way of thinking, , frame of mind, turn of mind, mentality, persona, psyche, (mental) attitude(s), make-up, character, disposition, temperament, temper, behavior; are all based upon the how our sub conscious mind is structured.

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